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Our mission within Lake Ridge Physical Therapy Clinics is to return our patients back to their full functional level as quickly and efficient as we can and also giving them education on how to maintain this level and avoid future injuries.

Sports Orthopedic Physical Therapy / Post Op

We have Physical Therapists that are also Certified Athletic Trainers and have worked with local high schools, collegiate athletes, and professional athletes. They have experience with multiple sports and will be able to work with you to achieve your return to play goals. They’ll evaluate, diagnose, and treat the injury with manual therapy techniques and functional exercise to restore proper movement patterns and get you back to your performance level.

Neurological Physical Therapy

We have staff members that are well trained in treatments to help with neurological conditions. These treatments consist of specialized manual therapy techniques or exercises that help with certain deficits that come from neurological injuries or diseases. Out therapists are here to help you reach your goals and help get you back as functional or independent as possible. Some injuries and diseases we treat include: Spinal cord injury, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s.

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Shoulder pain or limited motion? It might not be the shoulder that’s the only problem.

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What our Clients Say

I’ve been to physical therapy before, my experience at Lake Ridge has been very rewarding. My therapist’s were very innovative in their applications. The staff are very people oriented and seem to love what they do. The atmosphere is enhanced by the music that is played, for me helped me to be relaxed as the various types of motion exercise are ministered. Thank you to all and I wish you success as you move forward in your fields of occupation.

About our Practice

Lake Ridge Physical Therapy is comprised of a group of outpatient physical therapy clinics in Woodbridge, VA since 2000. Lake Ridge Physical Therapy is owned and operated by physical therapists. We pride ourselves in delivering personalized care and evidence-based functional interventions to help our patients achieve their goals.

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Lake Ridge Physical Therapy

12544 Dillingham Square, Woodbridge, VA  22192

Tel (703) 730-6969

Fax (703) 730-1169

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