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Do you have foot pain that is so bothersome it is hard to walk?

This can usually be from achilles tendonitis or plantar fasciitis. These issues can be caused by muscular tightness, joint limitations, and even weakness in the lower extremities and hips. A physical therapist can evaluate you and find out what is the specific cause of your pain, but there are some home remedies out there that you could use to help out.

Calf stretch: There are two muscles in the calf that run all the way down to the bottom of the foot and can cause the type of pain you are having. Try these stretches to help out. Even adding in the big toe to the stretch can make a big difference.

Hip strengthening: When you hear people say, “everything is connected….” it’s true. The hips have big muscles that can control how everything below them moves. If the hips are strong and stable, then whatever is below them (knees, ankles, and feet) suffer.

Balance exercises: If the foot and ankle are weak and have bad balance then you can’t expect to have good gait mechanics. During walking (gait) we are on one foot half of the time! That is a lot of balance needed. Poor balance equals compensations elsewhere, which leads to pain.

Let a physical therapist evaluate what’s going on and then give you the specific exercises you need to get you back on your way to a pain free life!

Trevor Stewart, PT, DPT, ATC